Focused Sector(s): Water, Livelihood, Risk Mitigation
Project: Sustainable Livelihood and Disaster Risk Mitigation
Date and duration: September 2008 / 9 months
Location: Zanhuang County, Hebei Province
Beneficiaries: 537 villagers from 136 households


  • The residents of Liangjiawan Village lived under the poverty line, with an average annual income RMB1,020 (S$200)
  • Low precipitation and a shortage of underground water
  • Lack of a proper agricultural irrigation system
  • Limited types of crops for plantation
  • Flash floods


Intervention and Impact

  • Constructed a water reservoir and water pool to collect rainwater
  • Built a 1,500m network of irrigation ditches to carry water to farmlands
  • Provided training in and knowledge about modern farming techniques
  • Implemented a village-wide initiative to remove mud and sediment from a 500m stretch of canal beds and reinforced 800m of canal walls
  • Encouraged community participation from start to end to foster a sense of project ownership
  • Together these steps led to increased yield from traditional crops and the cultivation of new crops such as walnuts, an increase in villagers’ incomes, and more sustainable rural livelihoods.
  • The village is now more resilient and villagers are better able to cope with natural disasters.


Cost: S$131,000

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