When disaster strikes, it is easy to see those affected as victims: desolate, destitute, and defeated. Here at Mercy Relief, we see things differently. We see people coming together to help one another, fight back, and protect their way of life. We witness their indomitable spirit, and are committed to supporting it.

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Using innovative technology, research and community engagement, we track and measure impact to ensure social objectives are achieved.


Mercy Relief goes beyond race, religion and the shores of Singapore to empower disaster-stricken communities. Your support allows us to scale our impact both locally and regionally.


As a lean team we leverage on strategic partnerships, creative solutions and our 18 years of experience to make an impact without carrying inflated overhead costs.


countries Mercy Relief has been active in


72 hours

time within which emergency aid is delivered, from appeal to assistance

S$45.8 million

funds disbursed up to 2020


disaster relief operations executed


post-disaster programmes implemented



lives impacted

With Your Help

We have impacted the lives of over 2 million people in 25 countries.

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At Mercy Relief, accountability and transparency are fundamental to our work. We believe in open dialogue between beneficiaries, local partners, and stakeholders, like you. These curated reports, highlight the value of your contribution and prove your impact on the ground while showcasing the stories of strength and resilience of the survivors we meet.

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