Focused Sector(s): Education
Project: Special Needs Training (SPENT)
Date and duration: December 2009 / 12 months
Location: Ho Chi Minh City
Beneficiaries: 40 special needs caregivers/teaching staff and 1,000 special needs students from five different schools


  • Existing disability programmes focused on impairments in mobility, hearing and vision; there were no programmes directed at cognitive impairments
  • As a result there was lack of early intervention programmes, as well as physical and mental stimulation for special needs children
  • There were limited education opportunities for special needs caregivers
  • Teaching staff were inadequately trained to provide therapy to those with special needs


Intervention and Impact

  • Equipped existing caregivers with the practical skills and specific knowledge needed to assist 40 teaching staff at five different schools, and to provide care and supervision for special needs children
  • Provided skills training to caregivers on managing challenging behaviour
  • Provided special needs children with toys specifically designed to engage their senses
  • Provided assisted living and physical therapy products
  • All this led to increased implementation of early intervention programmes, and an improvement in the quality of care provided to children with special needs


Cost: S$90,113

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