Date: November – December 2015


Incessant rain in India’s southern states of Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka in November and December 2015 led to massive flooding. More than 340 fatalities were recorded, 280 of them in Tamil Nadu alone, with Kanchipuram, Cuddalore and Villurpuram on the eastern coast being the worst affected districts. More than 200,000 people were displaced, and 55,000 hectares of farmland was damaged.

Partner(s): Musthafa Sabiya Educational Trust (MSET)

How we helped:

  • Disbursed a first tranche of relief supplies for 324 flood-affected households through MSET. This reached families in the Kulathumedu Slum in the northern suburb of Chennai, and included food items like rice, dhal, cooking oil and milk, as well as non-food items like blankets, towels and soap
  • Deployed a two-man team in January 2016 to distribute more supplies and help restore livelihoods in the aftermath of the flooding
  • A second tranche of relief supplies was disbursed to 23 households in Kuppankulam, a small riverside village in Cuddalore district; and a third tranche benefited 280 households in Koddikalkuppam village, also in the Cuddalore district where villagers had received very limited aid since the floods began. The items distributed were similar those in the first tranche. iIn total, Mercy Relief reached out to 627 households during the emergency response phase with S$20,066 worth of food and hygiene supplies that would serve a family of six for up to 15 days.