Focused Sector(s): Education, Sustainable Livelihood
Project: Skills Training and Enterprise Programme (STEP)
Date and duration: July 2012 / 12 months
Location: Phnom Penh
Beneficiaries: 1,200 people


  • A reduction in buying power due to inflation and a strengthening economy
  • A substantial number of people living in rural areas were still financially vulnerable with limited employment or income generation opportunities


Intervention and Impact

  • Constructed a vocational training and enterprise centre to provide trans-migrants in Phnom Penh with necessary and relevant skills to enhance their employability, or for them to venture into small enterprises
  • Equipped centre with training equipment and qualified instructors in skills training such as sewing, agriculture/farming and hair dressing
  • Provided financial support for community-based enterprises
  • By successfully introducing programmes promoting long-term self-sustenance, we helped to increase employment and livelihood opportunities for those in the programme, as well as the overall economic productivity of the local community


Cost: S$168,000

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