Focused Sector(s): Shelter
Project: Reconstruction of Songyan Home for the Elderly
Date and duration: June 2009 / 10 months
Location: Heshun County, Shanxi Province
Beneficiaries: 60 elderly villagers


  • Songyan is the poorest township in Heshun County, with an average annual per capita income of RM1,800 (S$380)
  • The Songyan Home for the Elderly was poorly constructed and maintained due to a lack of resources. Its buildings were structurally unsound and unfit for habitation.

Intervention and Impact

  • Constructed new dormitories and basic facilities for the Home, including toilets and a dining hall, and installed the necessary furniture
  • Constructed a clinic on the premises and provided medical equipment and supplies for it
  • Paved pathways and a courtyard to allow the elderly greater mobility; basic landscaping made the Home more appealing to its residents
  • The residents of the Songyan Home for the Elderly now enjoy increased comfort and security


Cost: S$357,000

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