Date: 30 September 2009

Magnitude: 7.6

A 7.6 magnitude earthquake shook West Sumatra in late September 2009, killing at least 1,100 people and destroying more than 135,000 homes. Mercy Relief responded quickly with help for the estimated 250,000 families affected by the disaster.

Partner(s): Carrefour International Foundation

How we helped:

  • Our first team, sent within 48 hours of the earthquake
    • Assessed needs on the ground
    • Set up and operated a system to evacuate the injured to hospital
    • Distributed 1,750 fresh meals and 4,500 litres of bottled drinking water, collectively worth S$6,000, to 150 patients and their families
  • Two additional teams
    • Distributed basic food and non-food items such as shelters and tool kits to aid reconstructions efforts, as well as hygiene packs, collectively worth S$382,600
    • Deployed five system tents worth S40,000 as temporary classrooms
    • Distributed 1,500 units of tarpaulins to 15 schools and 610 families as temporary shelters
  • Our medical team provided mobile medical services, medicines, and psychosocial rehabilitation worth S$11,000
  • We reconstructed and furnished two severely damaged medical centres in the Koto Hilalang and Alahan Tabek sub-districts, and equipped them with a supply of clean water and proper sanitation systems. The two centres serve a total of seven villages
  • Health teams from each medical centre were trained in mother-and-child healthcare programmes such as disease prevention and child nutrition.
  • Implemented a community-based disaster risk reduction programme for villagers in the seven villages surrounding the medical centres. Activities included evacuation drills, community hazard mapping, the formation of disaster preparedness committees, and raising awareness and training in community first aid. The programme was valued at S$50,775
  • Asian Idol and Mercy Relief’s Goodwill Ambassador for Indonesia, Hady Mirza, joined our relief efforts, distributing S$200,000 worth of relief supplies donated by Carrefour International Foundation


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