The third batch of relief supplies arrived at the supply collection centre near Iwate early Tuesday morning.  The supplies, comprising blankets, water, hygiene kits and play kits,  were personally procured by the Mercy Relief (MR) team from the neighbouring unaffected prefectures of Iwate and delivered to the various supply collection centres, designated by the Japanese authorities, for consolidation, sorting and distribution.

Iwate is the second worst-hit prefecture after Miyagi.  More than 45,000 people in Iwate have been displaced and are staying at over 350 evacuation centres.  MR deployed its 3rd relief team today to support the current team on the ground.

MR Chief Executive Hassan Ahmad shared, “MR will continue to procure relief items locally from our supply and logistics network  to ensure that we do not further burden the already over-stretched local systems at the ports of entry.  Being on the ground personally helps us monitor and verify first-hand the changing and varied needs of the various affected communities such that we are able to address those needs appropriately and avoid wastages during this emergency phase”.

MR is currently serving the affected areas which are a safe distance outside the radiation-hazard zone (officially 30km radius of the nuclear reactors’ location).  The MR teams are equipped with radiation sensors to help detect and monitor the radiation levels at the locations of their operations.

To further facilitate and ensure the team’s safety and quick evacuation, a dedicated unit at the MR Headquarters in Singapore is monitoring the radiation alerts and advice from the Japanese Government and the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA).

(The 3rd batch of aid arrived at a supply collection centre near Iwate. MR personnel offloading the supplies with the help of the military for consolidation, sorting and distribution to the affected communities.)

Fundraising Efforts in Singapore –Day 11

Donations received : S$910,523

Giant audit firm KPMG yesterday provided its staff an extended lunch break from 11.30 am –3.00pm to swap their ties for tees and tins to support MR’s fundraising efforts.  Its staff plied the streets of the Central Business District and raised more than $37,000 in just 3 hours.

“We see the devastation in Japan, our hearts extend to them and we want to do something to help beyond sending in our cheques. Having a street collection flag day allows some 70 of our staff to volunteer their time and effort to raise funds for a very pressing cause. We want to do something, and this is a good way for us to spend a productive three hours to raise funds at our workplace and in the business district where we work. We are still collecting cheques and will send all of these to Mercy Relief by the month end’, said Ms Julie Tan, KPMG’s Corporate Citizenship manager.

MR’s Goodwill Ambassador, singer Stefanie Sun, is also moved by the extent of the devastation and pains of the Japanese people that she made a 5-figure donation at MR’s office.  Stef shared, “I believe every one of us can do our small bit to help those in need.  I hope that the victims will be able to overcome and recover from this crisis soon, and I also wish for the safety of the MR teams on the ground”.

Donations from the public will be used to address the most pressing basic needs including food, water, blankets and other essential which will be procured on the ground for now.

About Mercy Relief

Mercy Relief is a Singaporean humanitarian organisation which engages in both disaster relief and sustainable development programmes. It was established in 2003 as an independent non-governmental humanitarian charity responding to the human tragedies in Asia. Mercy Relief’s aid programme focuses on providing timely and effective assistance to disaster-stricken communities and has maintained the delivery of emergency aid within 72 hours from the point of appeal for assistance.  

In the past 12 years, Mercy Relief has disbursed over S$32 million in aid across 40 disaster relief and 53 sustainable development initiatives. Mercy Relief has impacted an aggregate of 2 million lives in 24 countries and areas, namely Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Cambodia, China, DPR Korea, India, Indonesia, Iran, Iraq, Japan, Laos, Lebanon, Malaysia, the Maldives, Myanmar, Nepal,  Pakistan, Palestine, the Philippines, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam and Yemen.

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