Date: 25 October – 30 November 2010

Volcano Explosivity Index: 4

Indonesia’s most active volcano started erupting again in late October 2010, spewing lava and pyroclastic flows down its slopes. The disaster claimed the lives of over 300 people, injuring 500 more and causing more than 300,000 to evacuate their homes. Mercy Relief worked closely with the local authorities of the Magelang district to provide emergency relief.

Partner(s): Local Magelang District authorities, the Singapore Government, Mediacorp, Singpost, Rahmatan Lil ‘Alamin Foundation, Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF)

How we helped:

  • Provided S$54,600 worth of medical supplies, equipment, mobile medical services, hygiene kits and cooked food
  • Distributed 5,600kg of food packs and household items worth S$21,000
  • Made improvements valued at S$15,000 to medical services
    • Equipped three health centres
    • Trained healthcare staff
  • Rehabilitated and subsequently constructed a community water system worth S$58,600
  • Refurbished two schools that could double up as evacuation centres and temporary shelters in the event of disasters, and implemented a disaster preparedness programme. Together, this had a combined value of S$157,740
  • Provided operations and logistics support worth S$55,000
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