Date: April – July 2006

Volcanic Explosivity Index: 3 and above

After half a decade of relative calm, Mt Merapi began showing signs of an imminent eruption in April 2006. Powerful pyroclastic flows in late May marked the peak of the eruption. Tens of thousands of people were evacuated and the eruption claimed two lives.

How we helped:

  • Sent a two-man team in end-April to assess conditions on the ground and the need for evacuation camps
  • Mobilised two medical teams to aid evacuation efforts and provide primary medical care to villagers who had been hurt
  • Worked with local volunteers to evacuate villagers in the sub-district of Dukun in the Magelang Regency
  • Set up a clean water system in the evacuation camps
  • Conducted personal hygiene programmes in the camps to promote good hygiene habits and prevent the spread of diseases