Focused Sector(s): Livelihood
Project: Mitigation and Resilient Zambales
Date: October 2011, October 2012, October 2013, October 2014 / 12 months each
Location: Zambales, Municipality of Botolan
Beneficiaries: 382 households (1,910 villagers)


  • The coastal communities were frequently exposed to disasters
  • Development initiatives led to the economic and social displacement of coastal settlers
  • High levels of poverty


Intervention and Impact

  • Institutionalised community-based eco-tourism practices, systems and policies by introducing mangrove tours
  • Locally-procured boats conduct educational tours and maintain mangrove nurseries
  • Developed and enhanced food processing technologies for the community that can be replicated at household level. For instance, smoked bangus and fish paste is made and sold at local markets.
  • Established locally-managed crab culture
  • Promoted fair-trade practices among consumers
  • The diversified sustainable livelihood projects have made the community more resilient, and given it a greater sense of ownership of the environment they live in


Cost: S$106,690

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