SINGAPORE, 9 September 2022 – Mercy Relief, Singapore’s leading independent disaster relief agency, is responding to the Pakistan floods, where the Southern provinces of Balochistan and Sindh are most affected.

Since 14 June 2022, Pakistan has been afflicted by heavy monsoon rainfall, almost 3 times higher than the national 30-year average, which has resulted in destructive flooding. Consequently, the human and infrastructural impacts have been estimated to be the worst in the Balochistan and Sindh provinces.

It was reported that at least 33 million people in Pakistan have been affected, with 3.1 million people displaced and 1,282 deaths. The rainfall and floods have destroyed almost 1.2 million houses, with close to a million houses coming from Sindh province alone.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has also cautioned that there are significant public health threats facing people who are affected by the floods. This includes the increased risk of water- and vector-borne diseases like malaria and dengue fever.

Agriculture has also been destroyed, with the floods ruining more than 3.6 million acres of crops and killing over 800,000 livestock. Livelihoods of farmers have been severely impacted and food prices are soaring.

Mercy Relief will be working alongside our ground partner in Pakistan, National Rural Support Programme (NRSP), to provide and distribute emergency relief assistance in the form of food items and tarpaulin sheets, to the worst affected and most vulnerable families in Sindh province.

“Mercy Relief is deeply saddened by the devastation of the Pakistan floods, and we stand in solidarity with the affected victims. Working with our ground partner NRSP, our utmost priority is to meet the urgent need for food and temporary shelters. It will continue to be a challenging road ahead for the affected communities, and we appeal to the public to lend a helping hand through your kind donations,” Angelina Ong, Executive Director of Mercy Relief.

Mercy Relief will establish a public fundraising appeal in Singapore from 8 September 2022 to 8 October 2022, and aims to raise $100,000 for our response operations. Members of the public may make their donations via the following channels:

  • Credit Card donation via Mercy Relief’s website:
  • Fund transfer to Mercy Relief’s DBS Current Account 054-900741-2.
    • Please indicate “Pakistan Flood Relief 2022” in the comments field.
  • Crossed cheque made out to “Mercy Relief Limited” and mailed to Blk 160 Lorong 1 Toa Payoh, #01-1568, Singapore 310160. On the back of the cheque please write:
    • Pakistan Flood Relief 2022
    • Name of donor
    • Email address



Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Pakistan Flood Relief 2022

Thank you for supporting the Pakistan Flood 2022 relief efforts.

We are committed to serving those in need during the disaster’s emergency phase. We seek your patience and kind understanding with regards to the promptness of our responses to your queries about Mercy Relief’s operations in Pakistan.

This Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) document contains answers to common questions about our current disaster relief efforts in Pakistan and details on how you can contribute to ongoing initiatives. The information below might already answer some of your existing questions.



Heavy monsoon rainfall since June has caused destructive flooding in Pakistan, especially in the Balochistan and Sindh provinces. The high rainfall has caused human casualties, and vast infrastructural and agricultural damages.

We need your help! With your donation, we will be able to continue to assist the displaced communities on their route to recovery.

No donation is too small and every dollar contributes to saving lives.

Your help can go a long way. Donate now.


Immediate Relief Efforts

Q1: What initiatives are carried out by Mercy Relief in response to the floods in Pakistan?

A: Mercy Relief will be providing food hampers and tarpaulin sheets for temporary shelters, to affected families. For the latest updates on our efforts, you can follow us via our Facebook Page or Instagram account.



Q2: What is Mercy Relief’s main fundraising campaign for the Pakistan Flood Relief 2022?

A: Mercy Relief has applied for a public fundraising permit to raise funds in Singapore, to support relief efforts in Pakistan, from 8 September 2022 to 8 October 2022.


Q3: How can I donate?

A: Donations can be made through the following channels:

  1. Via our crowdfunding campaigns on / / Simply
  2. Funds transfer to Mercy Relief’s DBS Current Account 054-900741-2. In the Bill Reference field, please state “Pakistan Flood Relief 2022“.
  3. Credit Card donation via Mercy Relief’s website:
  4. Cross cheque to Mercy Relief Limited with “Pakistan Flood Relief 2022” and your email address written on the back of the cheque, and mail to Blk 160 Lorong 1 Toa Payoh, #01-1568, Singapore 310160.
  5. Cash donations at Blk 160 Lorong 1 Toa Payoh, #01-1568, Singapore 310160.


Q4: Will I receive tax exemption for donation to the Pakistan Flood Relief 2022?

A: Donations for overseas purposes are not tax-deductible. Tax exemption is allowed for donations to an IPC (Institutions of a Public Character) for its local facilities and programs. Tax exemption is not allowed to the IPC if the donations are for foreign charitable purposes.


Q5: What percentage of these donations will be channelled to the Pakistan Flood Relief 2022?

A: Mercy Relief retains not more than 5% in administrative fees for all fundraising campaigns or public appeals for overseas relief.


Q6: How are the funds used? As a donor, how can I be assured that the funds are directed exclusively to the Pakistan Flood Relief efforts?

A: The donated funds will go towards providing essential survival needs such as food and non-food items during this acute relief phase for the affected communities.

All funds raised for the Pakistan Flood Relief 2022 will be utilised solely for humanitarian efforts supporting the affected population.

Donors will also receive a report on our activities after the 3rd month and upon completion.


Q7: I want to start a fundraising campaign in my school/company/ organisation. What do I do?

A: Mercy Relief welcomes collaborations with potential groups/individuals for fundraising initiatives to support ongoing relief efforts for those affected by the Pakistan Flood Relief 2022. You may also start your own crowdfunding campaign on to support our fundraising efforts. For further discussions, kindly email us at


Third Party Fundraisers

Q8: How do I know if the third-party fundraiser is legitimate?

A: The list of legitimate third-party fundraisers will be updated on the Mercy Relief website.

List of third-party fundraisers for Pakistan Flood Relief 2022

Muhammadiyah Association of Singapore


Q9: How do I ascertain that the person is really seeking donations for the Pakistan Flood Relief 2022?

A: Mercy Relief will apply for police license for any public donation collection under the House to House and Street Collections Act. Any person seeking donations on Mercy Relief’s behalf will be given the Collector’s Certificate of Authority, bearing his name, IC number and details of the fundraising, including dates and places of collection. This certificate will bear original Mercy Relief stamp together with Mercy Relief’s official’s original signature. The collector must be able to produce this certificate as evidence that he is an authorised collector. He must also show his IC for verification purposes.


Q10: I wish to donate old clothing, canned food, footwear, etc. Do you accept donations-in-kind?

A: Mercy Relief is currently not accepting donations-in-kind due to constraints in logistics, storage and transportation. During this critical phase of disaster relief, cash donations gives us greater flexibility and efficiency in procuring and providing relief supplies to victims who need it the most. It also minimises the duplication of relief items at the affected grounds.

If you are keen to make a monetary contribution, please refer above on the available donation channels.


Q11: I want to volunteer for the relief mission! How can I apply?

A: Thank you for your interest in volunteering with Mercy Relief. Mercy Relief only deploys trained personnel for its overseas relief missions to ensure the safety and security of all volunteers, and the smooth delivery of relief operations.

For local volunteer engagements, please send us an email at to express your volunteering interest and our volunteer coordinator will get in touch with you for opportunities.


Q12: How can I get latest updates on Mercy Relief and Pakistan Flood Relief 2022?

A: Visit our official website at for the latest news on our relief and recovery efforts for the flood survivors in Pakistan. Timely updates with photos will also be posted on our Facebook page:, so make sure to follow us there!

You can track the hashtag #MercyRelief (on FB and Instagram) for relevant updates too.



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