Singapore, January 20, 2024 — Singapore’s leading disaster management NGO, Mercy Relief (MR), has sprung into action to provide humanitarian aid to some 22,000 people in the beleaguered communities in Gaza amidst the ongoing conflict. The MR team arrived in Egypt on Wednesday, 17 January, and has been working tirelessly to prepare and deliver essential supplies to those in need.

MR’s commitment to the current conflict in Gaza dates back to October 2023 when the organisation initiated communication with ground partners. Since their arrival in Egypt, the team has diligently overseen the logistics of transporting food supplies, hygiene kits, ingredients for hot meals, clothing, and other non-food items to Gaza. They have also engaged with key stakeholders and partners on the ground to gain a comprehensive understanding of the evolving situation and explore collaborative opportunities to address emerging challenges.


MR Chairman, Satwant Singh, meticulously inspecting food items for food packs.

MR team member overseeing the loading of relief boxes onto the truck.


Chairman of MR, Satwant Singh said, “Mercy Relief has supported Gaza many times over the years, but this situation is like no other. The humanitarian landscape has also evolved in complexity.”

Muhammad Ashik, Executive Director of MR, shed light on the complexity of delivering aid in an active conflict, saying, “The operation demands robust sensemaking of daily changing conditions, a deep sense of purpose to focus on the people whom we serve, and remarkable grit to persist in key activities that meet the interests of the affected while upholding good governance.”

To ensure that the aid reaches the right recipients and is distributed effectively, the MR team has meticulously coordinated with ground teams in Gaza and conducted thorough needs assessments. The MR team has also worked closely with Gazan refugees to better understand the sensitivities on the ground and coordinated with logistics cluster to optimise delivery of aid in a timely manner. These efforts are crucial in ensuring the proper delivery of aid.


The selection of products in the food meal packs, determined through comprehensive needs assessments.

The selection of products in the hygiene kits, determined through comprehensive needs assessments.


The MR team, consisting of eight dedicated individuals, has been working tirelessly with local volunteers to pack and load boxes of clothing, food, and hygiene kits onto seven trucks designated for the delivery of MR’s aid. The Singaporean flag is displayed prominently on the trucks to ensure identification on route to Gaza, added Mr Singh.


The dedicated MR team diligently preparing relief boxes at the warehouse.

The team carefully loading the aid onto one of the seven trucks.


One of the most profound experiences on the ground has been meeting Gazan refugees who have left but are actively finding ways to contribute and support their families back in Gaza. Chairman Satwant expressed his admiration for their resilience, stating, “I am inspired by their resilience and strength to live. Their daily actions ignite hope for their families – hope for them to be together again safely, hope to live towards their aspirations, and hope to be at peace.”

Satwant Singh, together with team members and locals.


MR aid boxes awaiting loading onto the truck to be delivered to those affected by the conflict in Gaza.

MR’s Hot Meals Program in action, providing nourishment for displaced individuals in the Rafah Refugee Camp in Gaza.


The success of this vital humanitarian mission would not have been possible without the generosity of Singaporeans who have kindly donated over the past months. Donations, both big and small, have poured in to help the families and individuals affected by the conflict. With the support of key local partners, including Perdaus, Kassim Mosque, RLAF, Muhammadiyah, Anothersole, Geylang Serai community, and other community actors, Mercy Relief has been able to amass over $240,000 in funds for Gaza, the West Bank, and Refugee Camps.

MR Chairman, Satwant Singh, standing proudly alongside the team in Ismailia. The truck contains food meal packs.

Every donation counts, and MR will continue to accept monetary contributions until 11th April 2024 via bank transfer or Singaporeans are encouraged to join hands in this noble effort to alleviate the suffering of those affected by the conflict in Gaza.

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