Singapore, November 28, 2023 — This evening, Mercy Relief, Singapore’s leading independent humanitarian organisation, celebrated its 20th anniversary with a fundraising gala dinner. The celebration is a poignant milestone that reflects two decades of resolute commitment to providing disaster relief and sustainability programs to vulnerable communities across the Asia Pacific region.

Guest-of-Honour Mr Heng Swee Keat, Deputy Prime Minister and Coordinating Minister for Economic Policies, graced the occasion and delivered a keynote speech. 200 prominent guests, including ambassadors, high commissioners, representatives from government agencies, partners, donors and supporting organisations were present to lend their support to this noble cause.

Mercy Relief started with a simple yet profound mission, to provide help, hope, and healing to those in need, particularly during disasters and distress.

According to Mr Satwant Singh, Chairman of Mercy Relief, “Today, as the organisation reflects on its path, Mercy Relief acknowledges its mission remains as powerful and vital as ever. In two decades, it has evolved into Singapore’s foremost independent disaster relief organisation, extending its hand of support and comfort to countless communities across the Asia Pacific.”

He added, “Throughout its journey, Mercy Relief has extended immediate disaster relief, offered sustained recovery support, and introduced innovative sustainability initiatives. It carried out 92 relief operations, disbursed over $46.1 million in relief funds across 27 countries, and implemented 76 post-disaster projects. The profound impact on the lives of over 3 million individuals – and this impact continues to grow. These are not just statistics – they account for the stories of survival, resilience, and hope that define the essence of Mercy Relief.”

“Mercy Relief was founded on the bedrock of compassion and solidarity,” emphasised Mr Muhammad Daud, Executive Director of Mercy Relief. “With unwavering support from our compassionate community and bold leadership within the humanitarian field, these 20 years witnessed the transformative power of collective action in addressing vulnerabilities and nurturing resilience within global communities, amid the ever-evolving landscape of risks and threats.”

From swiftly responding to natural disasters like earthquakes, floods, and typhoons to addressing complex sustainability challenges related to water and sanitation, shelter, healthcare, education, and sustainable livelihoods, the organisation has made an enduring and compassionate difference in the lives of affected communities. Mercy Relief has become a trusted household name, synonymous with high-quality disaster response, expert relief programs, and impactful development initiatives.

Key milestones and achievements over the past two decades include:

  1. The rapid deployment of emergency response teams to disaster-stricken areas, ensuring vital aid and relief supplies reach those in need within the critical first 72 hours.
  2. The implementation of innovative and sustainable programmes that tackle long-term challenges, including water resource management, healthcare and education support, and livelihood development.
  3. Collaborations with local and international partners to guarantee a comprehensive approach to disaster recovery and community rebuilding.
  4. Engagements with think tanks and fellow humanitarian actors to advance the frontiers of humanitarian knowledge and diplomacy.
  5. The mobilisation of thousands of volunteers, donors, and supporters who stand in solidarity with those facing adversity.

As Mercy Relief celebrates its 20th anniversary, it wholeheartedly reaffirms its enduring commitment to the Asia Pacific region. Its vision for the future includes expanding its reach and crafting impactful disaster relief and sustainable solutions by integrating new technology, data, and research. These efforts will be instrumental as Mercy Relief navigates the evolving complexities faced by vulnerable communities.


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