Focused Sector(s): Healthcare
Project: Health Community through WASH
Date and duration: July 2011 / 12 months
Location: Baray District, Kampong Thom Province
Beneficiaries: 100 students and 750 households


  • Lack of access to proper sanitation and safe drinking water
  • Contamination of water due to unsanitary practices
  • Lack of healthcare services, particularly maternal- and child-health services
  • High rates of child mortality


Intervention and Impact:

  • Five villages within the vicinity of Baray Kumrou primary school were selected to participate in this project
  • Working with the community leaders, the Ministry of Rural Development organised hygiene awareness and sanitation-related activities that included the Community Led Total Sanitation methodology
  • This resulted in many households constructing their own household toilets
  • Within the school, hand-washing facilities were constructed and latrines were upgraded
  • Increased water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) awareness at schools through WASH training programmes, resulting in good hygiene practices being adopted by the local community


Cost: S$70,000

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