In late October of 2008, Hadramaut, Yemen was hit by a major flash flood that had not occurred in over 200 years. The floods claimed the lives of more than 250 people and left over 22,000 others homeless. Mercy Relief collaborated with its partners and local authorities to provide relief in Hadramaut.


Partner(s): Yemeni Ministry of Health, SingHealth, Singapore’s Ambassador to Yemen His Excellency Helmi Talib and representatives from Arab Association of Singapore (AAS), Dr. Hussein Zein Al-Haddad, Director-General of the Ministry of Health and Population, Singapore Government, Deputy Minister of Environment Dr. Hussein Al Gunied, Rahmatan Lil-Alamin Fund (RLAF) of MUIS Singapore


How We Helped:

  • Two medical teams tended to 1,756 patients in Hadramaut
    • Assisted by 14 Singaporean students studying Tareem to overcome the language barrier
  • Distributed hygiene kits to affected families that included toothbrushe, soap and towel
  • The Ambassador and AAS representatives helped bridge communications with local authorities to facilitate relief operations
  • S$26,837 worth of medical supplies provided by Singaporean Government
  • Provided 10 iWater portable water filtration units
    • RLAF sponsored freight charges of S$55,000
  • Provided food to 17,000 internally displaced persons (IDP) for 10 days (SACT)
    • Donated food items amounting to S$15,500
  • Funds from organizations supported medical relief missions
    • Aljunied GRC – S$44,000
    • Adilifitri Trust Fund – S$5,000
    • Sallim Talib Family Settlement – S$3,000
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