Date: July – August 2014

The 2014 Gaza crisis was one of the deadliest episodes in the Israel-Palestine conflict, resulting from Israel’s Operation Protective Edge. The fighting claimed the lives of 2,256 Palestinian civilians – a quarter of whom were children – and 71 Israelis. All in all, more than 1.8 million Palestinians were affected, over 50 per cent of whom were children.

Partner(s): Palestine Red Crescent (PRC), Palestinian Wefaq Association (PWA)

How we helped:

  • Made improvements to the Al-Wefaq Water Desalination Plant Project at a cost of $85,000, benefiting 100,000 people.
    • Installed 10 water tanks (each with a capacity of 2,000 litres ) worth S$2,682
    • Increased the capacity of the plant to 180m3 of water a day
    • Distributed 400 tanks (each with a capacity of 200 litres) worth more than S$16,000 to needy households and schools
    • Provided one water truck (5m3) worth S$26,820
    • Provided one generator worth more than S$13,000
    • Installed water filtration machines with new additional filters, membranes and pumps worth more than S$28,000
  • Distributed food and medical supplies worth S$162,000 from August to December 2014
    • Distributed an Initial tranche of food aid, designed to last 6,000 civilians (900 families) 20 days (S$58,000)
    • Provided emergency medical supplies and medical humanitarian assistance for 500 families (S$32,000)
    • Initiated a Food Relief Project for an additional 1,100 families (S$72,000)
  • Rehabilitated 100 family shelters from June to December 2015 that were damaged by the conflict in North Gaza. Improvements and repairs were made to doors and windows, boundary walls, flooring and roofing, plumbing and electrical networks, among others.
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