Date: 14 November 2012

Following a number of mutual responsive attacks, Israel launched Operation Pillar of Defence in the Gaza Strip on 14 November 2012. More than 160 lives were lost on both sides and hundreds of others were gravely injured. The conflict also led to the massive displacement of over 1.2 million Palestinians. Following appeals made by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA), Mercy Relief sent a disaster response team to Gaza.

Partner(s): WHO, UNRWA, Egyptian Red Crescent (ERC), Palestinian Red Crescent (PRC), Taoist Federation Singapore, the Methodist Church Singapore, Rahmatan Lil ‘Alamin Foundation (RLAF), Chen Su Lan Trust,

How we helped:

  • Sent a six-man response team who:
    • Formed a supply chain network with ERC and PRC
  • Delivered clinical laboratory equipment with WHO worth S$26,500 for medical and surgical use
  • Our second team delivered:
    • S$35,000 of water filtration systems, food rations and heaters
  • $30,000 worth of equipment for the Ear-Nose-Throat Facility of Al-Quds Hospital for diagnostics and treatment of Gazans
  • Supported the procurement and deployment of an ambulance for medical emergencies in Gaza, as well as surgical materials, lab testing items and 160 medications for two hospitals and five primary health care centres. These supplies were valued at $189,000.