Focused Sector(s): Education
Project: English for Everyone (EFE)
Date and duration: November 2010 / 8 months
Location: Da Nang
Beneficiaries: 75 teachers and 4,000 students from 15 schools


  • While English was taught at both primary and high schools, usage remained low and the students’ foundation in English was weak
  • Lack of qualified English language teachers


Intervention and Impact

  • Strengthened English foundation by starting at the top. Teachers from the University of Finance and Marketing were trained in the approaches and guidelines to teaching the English language recommended by the Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) programme.
  • They then trained teachers from other schools.
  • Better standards of teaching motivated the students to practise their English, and allowed them to secure better-paying jobs.


Cost: S$80,000

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