Focused Sector(s): Education
Project: Education Quality Improvement Programme (EQUIP)
Date and duration: August 2008 – June 2009 (10 months)
Location: Tanjung Pinang, Riau Islands Province (KEPRI)
Beneficiaries: 40 principals, 80 teachers, 3 superintendents and 7,162 students


  • Sub-standard teaching qualifications, ineffective teaching methods, poor school management and infrastructure, and a low level of community involvement
  • Non-stimulating rote-learning methods still common in elementary and secondary schools
  • About 60 per cent of teachers in Indonesia are under-qualified, affecting the quality of graduates and ultimately, the workforce
  • Students from the Riau Islands Province (KEPRI) were particularly affected

Intervention and Impact

  • Conducted a baseline study to assess the educational issues and determine the best way to implement an education programme
  • Conducted intensive workshops and training for principals, teachers and management staff of schools to enhance the capacity of both teaching and non-teaching staff in:
    • Developing lesson plans
    • Effective teaching pedagogies
    • Classroom management
    • Student assessment
    • Developing creative teaching materials and learning tools
  • All this led to a number of positive outcomes including
    • Leadership development in the teachers, principals and superintendents involved in the training
    • Teachers who were equipped with the skills and tools necessary to improve the quality of English language education at schools
    • A learning community that included teachers and principals
    • Increased awareness at local government level regarding the need for the professional enhancement of education officers in remote areas
    • A better quality of education all round


Cost: S$177,092


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