Focused Sector(s): Education
Project: Education Quality Improvement Programme (EQUIP)
Date and duration: January 2009 – December 2010 (12 months)
Location: Kota Kayuagung Sub-district, Ogan Komering Illir District, South Sumatra Province
Beneficiaries: 30 principals and 60 teachers from 15 schools with 5,000 students


  • 65 per cent of the teachers and principals were under-qualified
  • Schools still practiced traditional teaching methods such as rote learning
  • Almost none of the teachers had received training on modern, stimulating teaching methods
  • Students were unmotivated, resulting in poor performance at school

Intervention and Impact

  • Introduced intensive workshops on leadership qualities and managerial skills for principals and superintendents
  • Conducted an intensive year-long professional development training programme for teachers, who reported higher confidence levels and job satisfaction, and encouraged more creative and critical thinking among their students.
  • The more conducive learning environment resulted in improved English performance amongst students, giving them an advantage when embarking on their careers


Cost: S$246,212

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