Focused Sector(s): Shelter, Livelihood, Risk Mitigation
Project: Eco-sanitation and Sustainable Livelihood
Date and duration: September 2008 / 10 months
Location: Yuanqu County, Shanxi Province
Beneficiaries: 430 villagers from 88 households


  • Shangwa is the poorest village of Yuanqu County, with an annual income of just RMB800 (S$156)
  • Besides its mountainous terrain, which is unfavourable for farming, fields suffer from poor soil quality, and villagers lack access to markets
  • Lack of community resources such as a well-equipped healthcare centre

Intervention and Impact

  • The Changzhi Township government partnered with Mercy Relief and its local partner to relocate the village to a more favourable site
  • Constructed 5.2km2 of roads within the new village to improve accessibility to markets as well as to healthcare and education facilities
  • Erected a 2km-long perimeter wall to protect livestock and crops
  • Turned the new village, Yuanqu, into a model eco village where
    • Renewable energy is harvested through the fermentation of excreta and used to power appliances, among other things
    • Residue from a newly-installed biogas digester system is used as crop fertiliser
  • Provided 352 piglets for rearing. The sale of these brought more income to the villagers
  • As the growing of vegetables is allowed in the courtyard and land allocated to every family, there was more farmland available


Cost: S$323,000

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