Focused Sector(s): Sanitation, Healthcare
Project: Eco-Sanitation and Livelihood Enhancement
Date and duration: June 2011 / 6 months
Location: Jianyang County, Sichuan Province
Beneficiaries: 170 villagers from 50 households


  • Shijia Village is one the largest and poorest villages in Xinshi Town. The land is infertile and has high water run-off since it is on a hill, resulting in low output from farming
  • Limited resources and knowledge on how to treat pigs’ excreta resulted in poor sanitation
  • The burning of wood and coal led to an unhealthy living environment
  • Poor road and living conditions


Intervention and Impact

  • Installed 50 units of anaerobic biogas digesters that allow biogas fuel to be harvested from stored excrement. The residue is used as fertilizer for crops
  • Revamped the sanitation environment by improving sanitation facilities. We also provided training on the importance of good sanitary practices, and on the proper use and maintenance of equipment and facilities
  • The villagers now have both a waste management system and an alternative energy source. The environmentally-friendly practices implemented (such as substituting firewood and coal with biogas for cooking and lighting), and better sanitary facilities have also created a healthier living environment.
  • Generated savings for the villagers


Cost: S$147,000

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