Focused Sector(s): Sanitation, Healthcare
Project: Eco-Sanitation (Biogas) and Environment Enhancement
Date and duration: June 2009 / 12 months
Location: Jianyang County, Sichuan Province
Beneficiaries: 1,025 villagers from 224 households


  • Feie is the largest and poorest village in Taipingqiao Township
  • Its hilly terrain is unsuitable for farming due to its poor soil quality and a lack of water, which is exacerbated by low annual precipitation of 600mm
  • An unfavourable sanitation environment resulting from a lack of know-how on treating pigs’ excreta and open-pit toilets meant there was a high risk of epidemics
  • Coal and wood are used for cooking in unventilated kitchens


Intervention and Impact

  • Revamped the sanitation environment
  • Installed underground anaerobic biogas digesters and a new piping system to collect excrement for storage in the digesters. The biogas is harvested to power households and cook, while the residue is used as crop fertilizer. In this way, the villagers have an efficient waste management system and are able to harvest alternative energy for sustenance


Cost: S$283,000