Focused Sector(s): Healthcare
Project: Better Healthcare, Better Health
Date and duration: July 2012, July 2013, July 2014 (12 months each)
Location: Padang, West Sumatra
Beneficiaries: 7,000 villagers


  • Lower income families in suburban areas are often unable to provide sufficient nutrients and health interventions for their children, leading to a high rate of malnutrition amongst children, as in the case of Padang Pariaman
  • Micronutrient deficiencies were prevalent, affecting the growth and development of children
  • As many expectant mothers still opt to give birth at home, skilled and experienced midwifes are in demand but most lack proper training to prevent infant deaths during birth


Intervention and Impact

  • 86 medical staff and nurses from the polyclinic in Padang Pariaman Regency attended programmes in:
    • mother and child healthcare and malnutrition
    • and basic emergency obstetrics and neonatal care
  • A malnutrition centre was set up at one local polyclinic for the referral of malnutrition cases
  • Provided early childhood learning, supplementary feeding programmes and growth monitoring for young children
  • Medical staff provided regular counselling and home visits to households where follow-ups were necessary
  • Provided education on health, hygiene, nutrition and cooking for mothers to improve the quality of food offered at home
  • Doctors and nurses from the local clinic, who were trained at the malnutrition centre, conducted regular medical checks and ensured adequate supplementation of vitamins and minerals for children below the age of 12
  • Overall healthcare capacity of the local community was enhanced


Cost: S$129,810

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