Focused Sector(s): Healthcare
Project: Better Access, Better Healthcare, Better Health
Date and duration: July 2011 / 12 months
Location: Santouk District, Kampong Thom Province, Baray
Beneficiaries: 23,000 villagers


  • Healthcare centres in the provinces had reduced capacity in terms of equipment, trained staff and facilities compared to hospitals in the cities
  • Existing medical facilities and healthcare services were not adequate to serve the medical and healthcare needs of the large population
  • Lack of proper maternal and child healthcare services resulted in unhealthy babies
  • Communities were reluctant to seek medical attention due to a limited knowledge of the advantages of proper healthcare
  • Sanitation facilities at the Baray Santouk Referral Hospital were inadequate relative to the patient load
  • Lack of water supply for hospital use due to insufficient storage


Intervention and Impact

  • Made improvements to the Baray Santouk Referral Hospital
    • Refurbished the existing water well by installing a new water pump and an elevated water tank
    • Provided new medical equipment, including hospital beds, baby cots, patient trolleys, emergency respiratory equipment and basic diagnostics equipment
    • Made minor structural refurbishments to the maternity ward
    • Encouraged expectant mothers to monitor foetal development at various stages of pregnancy and seek medical attention if necessary
    • Provided training for healthcare staff to improve their medical skills and knowledge, leading to the provision of better healthcare services
    • Constructed 5 latrines for the use of patients


Cost: S$119,000


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