Perpetual Spirit seeks to showcases the compassion and commitment of 14 artists from Southeast Asia, China and Russia.   Art, which can be construed as a metaphor for humanitarianism, have allowed the artists a platform to contribute 46 of their works for sale and auction in support of a common cause – humanitarian. The compilation of these artworks, together with images of the human spirit facing adversity taken by Mercy Relief (MR) at the affected lands, has been published into a Coffee Table Book which is made available through sales to the public.

Among the featured multi-national artists are Malaysian Harris Ribut, Chinese Liu Xuanqi, Singaporeans Tay Bak Chiang and Justin Lee, and Russian Tatiana Alieva.  The paintings of the late renowned local artist and sculptor Mohammad Din Mohammad, his wife Hamidah Jalil and daughter Sakinah Mohamad, have also been included in the array of honour.

Proceeds from the sales and exhibition will be channelled to the Singapore-born humanitarian outfit to help cushion the pains of the disadvantaged and distressed in the region.


(Sample of the art pieces. For the complete list of paintings available, please call our office at 6332 6320.)

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May your spirit and deeds to humanity echo through eternity.

About Mercy Relief

Mercy Relief is a Singaporean humanitarian organisation which engages in both disaster relief and sustainable development programmes. It was established in 2003 as an independent non-governmental humanitarian charity responding to the human tragedies in Asia. Mercy Relief’s aid programme focuses on providing timely and effective assistance to disaster-stricken communities and has maintained the delivery of emergency aid within 72 hours from the point of appeal for assistance.  

In the past 12 years, Mercy Relief has disbursed over S$32 million in aid across 40 disaster relief and 53 sustainable development initiatives. Mercy Relief has impacted an aggregate of 2 million lives in 24 countries and areas, namely Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Cambodia, China, DPR Korea, India, Indonesia, Iran, Iraq, Japan, Laos, Lebanon, Malaysia, the Maldives, Myanmar, Nepal,  Pakistan, Palestine, the Philippines, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam and Yemen.

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