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At Mercy Relief, our staff and partners conduct regular ground consultations and discussions to better identify and meet the needs of vulnerable communities. The journey to empowering communities through our projects requires 18 months to ensure successful implementation.  As a sponsor, you will be duly updated with project progress every step of the way, coupled with a final project report upon completion.

0 – 3


We match your donation to a selected project to meet the most immediate community needs. Our partners and staff begin project implementation.

5 – 9

9 – 12

We gather information and document project progress through field visits, data collection and consultations We complete the final implementation phase.

12 – 15


We conduct an evaluation of the project and its impact, together with our partners. We compile photos, data, impact evaluation and project details and send you a report.

Accessing Needs

At the end of 5 months, we will provide you with a concept paper detailing the community profile and project your donation has been channeled to.

Work in Progress

At the end of 9 months, we will provide you with a midterm report, detailing the project progress.

Wrapping Up

At the end of 18 months, we will provide you with a final report detailing the community your donation has touched and how it has positively impacted their lives.

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Mercy Relief has responded to more than 60 disasters and implemented at least 50 sustainable development programmes within the region.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does my donation fund a single community project?

Each project differs in scale depending on the type of activities it supports, materials needed and number of people it impacts. Some may require a donation from multiple funders throughout its different phases.

When you make a donation, it  will either be matched to a single community project from beginning to end or integrated into a network of donors for projects requiring a longer implementation phase and a higher amount of funding. For the latter, you will be funding a component of a larger development project. We will be sure to let you know which project your donation will go to before any activities begin.

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What's included in my report?

When your project or project component is completed, we conduct an evaluation of how the project has impacted the community, together with our local partners. The data will be summarized and presented to you in a final report which will include:

  • Summary of Project activities
  • Impact Data
  • Stories from the community members you have supported
  • Photos of the completed project
Can I pick the country and specific cause where my donation goes to?

Our field team shortlist projects on a quarterly basis. The process includes a thorough needs assessment on the ground with the communities and local partners we work with. Your donation will be channeled to the a vulnerable community in any of the countries we engage in, based solely on where needs are the most immediate.

How much is the community involved in the projects?

Community members are the largest stakeholders in our projects and their involvement from project conceptualization to evaluation is crucial in ensuring its sustainability.

Through focus groups discussion, house visits, trainings for capacity building and community forums, we aim to empower community members to be their own agents of change.

What if there are obstacles?

Mercy Relief is committed to working towards developing disaster prone communities in some of the most vulnerable areas in the Asia. This often comes with its own set of challenges due unforeseen circumstances, both natural and man-made, which at times have required us to adapt our plans and activities to ensure the continuity of a project.

In the event changes are required to be made to your sponsored project, we will duly update you with the current situation and alternative plans for the remainder of the project duration. In some instances, we may need to channel the funds towards a different community or country altogether and will work with you in taking the next step forward.

Can I get tax exemption for my donation?

Donations for overseas purposes are not tax-deductible. Tax exemption is allowed for donations to an IPC (Institute of Public Character) for its local facilities and programs. Tax exemption is not allowed to the IPC if the donations are for foreign charitable purposes.

Donations to our General Fund will enjoy a 2.5 times tax deduction.