International Programmes

Disaster relief and sustainable development projects are at the core of Mercy Relief’s International Programmes. Our first disaster response team was deployed in 2003 to Bahorok in North Sumatra, Indonesia, when it was hit by devastating flash floods. Since then, we have continued to work alongside survivors to restore lives and livelihoods, and to invest in communities throughout Asia to improve living standards. At Mercy Relief, we are always thinking about how we can get better at what we do. We draw on technology and innovation, as well as creative partnerships with other organisations to help us come up with better and more effective solutions to the challenges we face. We also document our field experiences and publish them in reports for various stakeholders – it is our way of sharing what we have learnt in the hope that others will benefit from it.

Disaster Relief

The world has seen a rise in the frequency and intensity of natural disasters, and when one strikes in the region, a swift response is critical. Mercy Relief aims to respond within the first 72 hours. Partnering with local and international organisations, we focus on delivering timely and effective aid, bringing medical supplies and basic necessities to where they are most urgently needed.

Sustainable Development

Since 2008, Mercy Relief has been carrying out sustainable development projects in rural and vulnerable communities in China, Vietnam, the Philippines and Indonesia. We focus on water and sanitation, shelter, livelihood, healthcare and education.
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Local Outreach

To raise awareness in Singapore of the work we do, Mercy Relief spreads its message of empowerment through various platforms, including public events and by giving talks at corporate organisations. We share stories from the ground in the hope of inspiring more people to join us and champion our vision of care and compassion.

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From fundraising activities to taking part in our annual Ground Zero Run, our calendar is packed with a variety of ways for you to get involved.

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View the world through our lens and be inspired by the people we have met on the ground.

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