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When disaster hits a nation, it is easy to look at the people affected as victims: desolate, destitute, and defeated. Here at Mercy Relief, we see things differently. We see people coming together to help one another, to grow, to fight back and protect their way of life. We witness their indomitable human spirit, and are committed to supporting it.

As a young and independent charitable organisation that is predominantly dependent on the goodwill from the public and private sector, we hope that you will join us to support the humanitarian cause and our local activities and operations.

At the end of it all, what we do, what you contribute to, is to make the world work for a hundred percent of humanity.

As an Institution of Public Character (IPC), your donations to our General Fund will enjoy 2.5 times tax deduction.

We accept donations by cash, cheque, ATM tranfer, internet banking, Credit/Debit cards and Tele-Mercy lines.


1. General Fund

With sustainable source of income for the Mercy Relief's local operational expenses, there is certainly more room for the re-deployment of MR's limited resources into the actual design and implementation of aid programmes that would benefit our regional communities and at the same time promote the Singapore spirit of compassion, care and volunteerism, focusing on essential values for character and social developments.

Donations to our General Fund will enjoy 2.5 times tax deduction.

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2. General Fund - Birthday Pledge

This year, Mercy Relief celebrates 12 years in service to humanity. In sharing our vision of Championing Universal Compassion and Care, we would like you to have your own meaningful birthday celebration in our “MY BIRTHDAY PLEDGE” occasion. Your support is crucial for us in our mission. Your birthday pledge is a simple but important fundraising gesture of support for MR to meet the growing humanitarian needs of the region. Donations to our General Fund will enjoy 2.5 times tax deduction.

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3. General Relief Fund

This fund is for future emergency responses. It will allow the organization to have access to ready funds and stockpile of relief items such that it may execute ready response, versus the mode of having to wait for fresh pledge or donations before the organization could respond.

Efficiency is crucial in the delivery of humanitarian relief as this often translates to saving more lives, jobs, homes and critical infrastructure such as schools, health facilities and roads.

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Last updated on 06 Feb 2015